About me

Tyrone is a bioinformatics PhD student at Monash University, supervised by Dr Sonika Tyagi. He works together with biologists, bioinformaticians and statisticians on developing and applying computational methods for identifying informative patterns in large biological datasets. More specifically, his focus is on multi-omics data integration using machine and deep learning.

Originally he was a laboratory biologist working on plant physiology and the molecular biology of non-coding RNA. He later got interested in bioinformatics, and for his honours project developed software for motif discovery using an information theory approach. He then worked as a bioinformatics research assistant in the Stemformatics project led by Professor Christine Wells, where he curated and processed several hundred transcriptomics datasets in an interdisciplinary environment to build a reference database for the community. He also teaches introductory programming and machine learning workshops as part of Software Carpentries, Monash Data Fluency and COMBINE. A full list of his projects and publications is available for reference.

His software is open source and any contributions are welcome. If you want to discuss method development, data analysis or the best restaurants within Melbourne, Malaysia and Singapore, please contact him directly.